Amber wilburn

Hi. I’m Amber. I’m a marketing consultant and creative director. I help companies to clarify their visual communication and evolve their brand. I focus on high-impact, short-term engagements.

I’ve come to appreciate my unconventional and innovative side over the years. I’m a bit of a creative Swiss-Army-Knife. I’m a generalist with a strong artistic background in photography and design. I’m also a voracious learner/reader and have devoured information while working with a variety of corporations and communications departments. Because of my diverse background, I bring a balanced and integrated approach to content. I’m constantly learning and investing in programs on subjects ranging from TikTok transitions to honing the consumer path. The more the creative is aligned with key messaging and the experience of your customers, the better it will perform. I make no apology for bringing such a wide range of knowledge to the table.

Today, I focus on short-term, high-impact engagements where I help organizations and businesses cultivate authentic content that’s aligned to their core objectives.

I’ve worked across various industries and sectors and have both B2B and B2C experience. I earned my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Spanish and my Masters in Ethics from Vanderbilt. Understanding what motivates and underlies human behavior makes the content better.

 When I’m not busy creating content, you can find me reading, involved in some sort of physical movement (peloton, weight training), taking photos, traveling, or doing an abstract painting.

Thanks for spending your time learning more about me. Come say hi—we may be future collaborators or friends!

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I worked with Amber during a year-long brand refresh project for my company. While the entire Edelman team was fantastic, Amber stood apart and quickly won hearts and minds with our entire team. We continually expanded her role and our demands on her time throughout the duration because we saw the immense breadth and depth of her talent and the wide range of opportunities for her to contribute to our efforts. While all of her work was stellar, I found the mix of her talent in design with her absolute passion for strategy was the stand-out differentiator. Amber demonstrated a thirst for knowledge, learning so much about our business, our competitive arena and our people, that she was more an insider than some 10-year veterans. I highly recommend Amber as a leader, strategist, designer, and team member. She would be a great asset to any organization
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