Chick-Fil-A Process Improvement

My role:

Client service
project Management


After being a "traditional" creative, I intentionally pursued a role where I could formally take a position I had been leaning for several years: Account management and client service. I inherited an account where there was some existing misunderstanding and part of my job was to get to the root dynamic and rectify it. Identifying and removing errors in the creative workflow was one on my primary objectives as well as re-establishing trust with the client after some errors from an unexpected increase in work volume that stressed our process that was not designed to scale. Further, our east coast agency was newly minted after being a print company for decades and our internal team needed to make some changes in terms of staffing and client service. Buy-in across both organizations was critical and getting everyone to accept change and follow new processes was a challenge. We worked to foster a culture of continuous improvement so that our team could meet our goal of driving real and accurate results.
We accomplished this goal by multiple efforts. One, internal coaching and team meetings as well as hiring new roles and re-adjusting current staff to better fit their strengths. Two, we worked to establish a shared vision of the workflow and finding where the errors were occurring. This flow work was very technical and we needed to better define the steps of the process as well as unearth assumptions. Three, we had several joint working meetings, established new procedures, like project briefs and more accurately forecasting the work. Four, we made changes to our online workflow management system and all those steps collectively allowed us to re-direct and enact the change management needed for the account to run smoothly.