Coffee Mate

my role:

Creative Strategy
Leading Design Process

Since July 2021, Coffee Mate has been a core client within The Lead at Nestle. In my role as a creative director, I’ve had the opportunity to collaborate closely with the Coffee Mate brand. This involves translating their unique brief into a creative vision, and then guiding the creative team through brainstorming sessions, working closely with the design and VFX teams. Finally, I present the concepts generated during our sessions to the Coffee Mate brand, fostering a dynamic and productive partnership that continually pushes the boundaries of creativity and design. I also collaborated with the other agencies working on the account as well.

Organic Social: Mean Girls | Dia de Los Muertos | Duos 

Paid: Seasonal, Meta + Pinterest


Design: Kaitlin Meme, Emily Gorenc 

Animation: Jino Salvatore, Jessica Weitzel