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EXCEL USA, a privately-owned company, is well-known among customers and investors for its construction and engineering expertise and its market dominance. But divisional silos, along with the lack of a comprehensive, compelling story, made it difficult for the company to unify employees or express the full breadth of its capabilities and impact. There is a real need to modernize and adapt to the shifting industry landscape – while ensuring their changing narrative is authentic and relevant to who EXCEL is and has been and who they want to become.

EXCEL has evolved as a company from a regional small company to larger player in the oil and gas industry. They have adapted to the realities of today's changing business environment have a strong legacy of value and excellence. As a company, they have a strong culture, know the who they were before and who they are now. They needed help visually modernizing their collateral materials across the board.

A further deep dive revealed that there were other spacing concerns and the logo was sent to a production artist for a magnified and detailed review. We updated the logo to be symmetrical. 

Revamping the colors within the same suite of colors allowed up to brighten the brand’s overall aesthetic



we also updated their photography to be more dymanic and modern.

Create a bank of iconography to match their existing flat icon style.


For many clients, creating templates – sustainable design solutions – for their in-house team is a common request. Together with a team of freelancers, we created several templates to be applied to their sales sheets and collateral.


Before: The visual design before was dark and lacked congruency in their color hues and vibrancy. Typography needed hierarchy and a less decorative font for body copy. 


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