Venture X Custom Photography  

My role

Creative Direction


Capital One is now creating a custom, premium image collection specifically tailored to a premium audience.. We hired BLINK to photograph four (4) travel destinations as a complement to our master photo shoots, which are focused on product, lifestyle, and lounge photography. 

When it comes to capturing destinations, Capital One does not go for the obvious. According to our research, our audience appreciates authentic experiences and prefers to travel where the locals go, which is off the beaten path. They like outdoor activities when on vacation, such as going to the beach, visiting a national park, or hiking. Their second preferred activity is cultural activities like sightseeing, museums, and tours, which we know is motivated by one of their major travel motivators: learning about different cultures. Athletic activities are their fourth favorite adventure (walking, golfing, swimming). They also value epicurean experiences such as visits to wineries and breweries and hitting up the top restaurants. 

How that translates into photos? Well, it means that we are less concerned with the touristy and expected. When choosing destinations it’s ok to show a location that people know (New York City or Paris), but if you capture a famous landmark, show it from a different visual perspective or through a unique experience. Don’t worry, we’ll show you some examples. 

What you really need to know is that our travel brand is all about individuality and unique travel experiences for people who want to move to the beat of their own drum. Our competitors tend to emphasize exclusivity, offering ultra-high-end luxury experiences for the privileged few. Another competitor focuses on posed, hyper-curated travel experiences for the image-conscious: ‘think do it for the gram.' 

We, on the other hand, want to capture authentic travel experiences that are, engaging, and at the core aspirational. Think elevated, but not snobbish. Think, real but with a touch of ordinary magic.