Start-Up: Ultrasound AI

My role:

Art direction
Branding: Color Palette Development, Typography
Master PPTX
Marketing research


ULTRASOUND.AI (UAI) is a Denver, Colorado-based technology start-up offering innovative ways to reduce and more accurately predict preterm birth, which is babies born before 37 weeks. Preterm birth is a global health issue and the leading cause of death among children under 5 years of age, responsible for nearly 1 million deaths. Three-quarters of these deaths could be prevented.
The company is currently going through approvals and securing initial funding. My role has been to help develop & execute a marketing strategy that positions UAI as a thought leader and part of the solution in realizing the value of AI in the obstetrics community. To create an educational tool for doctors and moms’ executives, presenting a traditionally “tedious” topic in a new and enticing way. Thinking about a topic that was ahead of the trend was critical to the success of this project. Because Ultrasounds AI offers enterprise search technology, it was important to look forward and focus on future industry trends that are just now gaining traction and create a brand that is both inviting but also future-forward. We are still in the deeper research phases of the project; however, while we are learning more about the two core audiences, doctors and moms, we are using the below as the face of the brand during initial stages of fundraising.

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