Venture X Launch Overview 

My role

Creative Direction
Consulting across LOBs


Since 2010, Capital One's Venture Card has been the most popular UpMarket Heavy Spenders (UMHS) product. C1 opted to broaden their product offering to market an upper subsegment of UMHs with the Venture X card after researching and defining a highly-specific target demographic. The Capital One Venture X Rewards Credit Card is the bank's first premium travel card. It has a $395 annual fee, but it also has all of the bells and whistles that you'd expect from a top-tier travel card. Consider lounge access, travel statement credits, and compensation for TSA PreCheck or Global Entry.

I was hired in May and began working with the Venture X creative team in July, after the project had been officially been kicked-off. Although the official positioning (72 & Sunny), Welcome Kit , and creative guidelines had been produced, creating a consistent look across the remaining deliverables remained a major challenge as this product required working in new and unprecedented ways. I had a steep learning curve, but I dove headfirst into the brand, business, and team culture. Our team has completed over 22 projects in the last 4.5 months, as well as consulted on 8 more projects from other lines of the business. Launching a premium product across multiple departments necessitated a great deal of collaboration and support from various agencies. I also enjoyed rolling up my sleeves for some heavy photo retouching as well. A few of these larger projects link to their own page.


Venture X has booked over 17k new accounts to date. They have seen volumes pick up with the launch of cross-marketing (>400 NABs) and our mass media. To date, they have secured 602 earned placements (428 original placements, 174 pickup placements) reaching 151.6M+ total impressions (UDVs - Unique Daily Visitors). 130 placements were in high priority outlets. 


VX Projects in 4.5 months:

VX UpMarket Card team lead the following:
VX landing page & supporting pages
Customer on-boarding emails suite
Cross-Marketing emails
A custom curated library including a lifestyle shoot and four international shoots
Venture X retouching guide
Venture X referrals email & LP
Associate internal launch creative
Expanding the existing visual approach & Revising Venture X Guidelines

Venture X Curated International Photography: 4 international photo shoots

COF Site Banners (CCHP & EHP)

EHP: 1,131,729 (full day), LP 15,401 (full day)

Customer On-Boarding Email Suite

Engagement with On-Boarding Emails was Significantly Higher than Corresponding Emails for Other UM Products

When a customer signs up for a new card, they receive a series of communications regarding on-boarding. 


We overhauled the existing Venture templates for desktop and mobile and brought in more imagery to spark the desire to travel. We added a block images at the bottom pulling in a social vibe where we use a mix of destination landscape imagery, aerial photography, and abstract textures.  We further elevated the tone and brought in a new voice for the preheaders guided by our research.


Email engagement exceeded prior launches than other UM products.  




BEFORE: Email Templates 

Venture X brand EXPRESSION
& BRAND book revisions

related projects

Venture X Retouching Guidelines

Venture X Curated
International Photography

Venture X Emails

Venture X Branding
& Brand Book Revisions