Venture X Launch Overview 

My role

Creative Direction
Consulting across LOBs


Capital One's Venture Card has been a popular product for UpMarket Heavy Spenders (UMHS) since 2010. In an effort to capture a specific target demographic within the upper subsegment of UMHS, Capital One launched the Venture X card as its first premium travel card. With a $395 annual fee, the card offers a range of benefits, including lounge access, travel statement credits, and compensation for TSA PreCheck or Global Entry. I joined the Venture X creative team in July, after the project had been officially launched internally. Despite the development of official positioning, a Welcome Kit, and brief-working creative guidelines, creating a consistent look across deliverables proved to be a significant challenge due to the novel nature of the product. Ie. Flying the plane while building it.

However, I quickly immersed myself in the brand, business, and team culture and have since contributed to over 22 projects within the past 4.5 months, while also consulting on 8 additional projects from other departments. The successful launch of this premium product required collaboration and support from various agencies, and I even had the opportunity to engage in some photo retouching. For more information on select projects, please visit their respective pages.


Venture X has booked over 17k new accounts to date. They have seen volumes pick up with the launch of cross-marketing (>400 NABs) and our mass media. To date, they have secured 602 earned placements (428 original placements, 174 pickup placements) reaching 151.6M+ total impressions (UDVs - Unique Daily Visitors). 130 placements were in high priority outlets. 


VX Projects in 4.5 months:

VX UpMarket Card team lead the following:
VX landing page & supporting pages
Customer on-boarding emails suite
Cross-Marketing emails
A custom curated library including a lifestyle shoot and four international shoots
Venture X retouching guide
Venture X referrals email & LP
Associate internal launch creative
Expanding the existing visual approach & Revising Venture X Guidelines

Venture X Curated International Photography: 4 international photo shoots

COF Site Banners (CCHP & EHP)

EHP: 1,131,729 (full day), LP 15,401 (full day)

Customer On-Boarding Email Suite

Engagement with On-Boarding Emails was Significantly Higher than Corresponding Emails for Other UM Products

When a customer signs up for a new card, they receive a series of communications regarding on-boarding. 


We overhauled the existing Venture templates for desktop and mobile and brought in more imagery to spark the desire to travel. We added a block images at the bottom pulling in a social vibe where we use a mix of destination landscape imagery, aerial photography, and abstract textures.  We further elevated the tone and brought in a new voice for the preheaders guided by our research.


Email engagement exceeded prior launches than other UM products.  




BEFORE: Email Templates 

Venture X brand EXPRESSION
& BRAND book revisions

related projects

Venture X Retouching Guidelines

Venture X Curated
International Photography

Venture X Emails

Venture X Branding
& Brand Book Revisions