Venture X Launch Consulting  

My role

Consulting Overview

Venture X offered a unique space for collaboration across many lanes of business and projects. In my role, I served as the boots-on-the-ground integration lead. I consulted on the following projects with the main objective of ensuring brand compliance across the visuals and tone of voice. This point-of-view across these various work streams and agency partners lead to me developing several guides to help increase efficiencies. This was a challenging ask in that the work had all been kick-off at the same time without a unified POV in design or a robust brand book. Many of the elements are complimentary but also are quite different across Mass and other areas.

Travel & Leisure sponsored brand content
Landing page explainer video
Print pieces for upgraders and other offers
3D Animated card art
Cafe digital screens
Display ads

YouTube social ads

This was the first time Capital One had created brand sponsored material and collaborated across lanes on a such a project. The placement was 1.2M and had a lot of internal visability with marketing partners.

My role was to help guide image choices to be in line with the VX perspective as well as help brainstorm how we can include product facts and RTBs in the piece without being overly salesy. Also supported user testing (which is albeit still a bit clumsy) navigating from one story to the next.

This video was produced by 72 and Sunny. My role in the project was to support with image choices and subsequently pull through this video approach on other products (like the social YouTube ads).

This work was completed by Buck. This was my first project working with Capital One and l had little inform about how the card art would be used. My role was more observational with some minor input on the lighting (that was ignored lol).

However, my biggest learnings were more procedural and seeing how the lack of integration with end-use deliverables affected the downstream elements a few months later.

Different chip lighting created issues with how the card looks amongst other cards.

There was a need for a straight on version with no hovering animation only a light pass for email

Size contraints prohibited usage in emails and display as the files were built in a different system

Fringing and pixelation occurred on images and the animated card art is better used on white backgrounds only, which wasn't preferred in customer communications

My role was to help apply video transitions and subtle motion direction to these screens in support with marketing partners . (Note the chip color here.)

My role was to help apply video transitions and provide direction for imagery and copy.