Venture X Launch Consulting  

My role

Consulting Overview

Venture X provided a unique collaborative space for various business projects. As the boots-on-the-ground integration lead, I was responsible for ensuring brand consistency across different workstreams and agency partners. To achieve this, I provided consulting services for multiple projects and developed several guides to improve efficiency. This was a challenging task as the projects had different design perspectives and lacked a comprehensive brand book, which is crucial for brand compliance. Despite the challenging nature of the task, I was able to apply my expertise in brand identity and consistency to ensure that the brand was well represented across the various elements, such as the Landing Page Explainer Video, 3D Animated Card Art, Cafe Digital Screens, Display Ads, and YouTube Social Ads, which were created in collaboration with Travel & Leisure Sponsored Brand Content.

During my time at Capital One, I had the opportunity to work on the creation of brand sponsored content in collaboration with other departments. This was a novel project for the company, and its visibility was significant, with a placement of 1.2 million. As the team member responsible for guiding image choices, my role included ensuring that they aligned with the Venture X perspective while brainstorming ways to incorporate product facts and reasons to believe without being overly salesy. In addition, I assisted with user testing, although this process still requires some refinement. My experience with Capital One allowed me to develop competencies in managing brand identity and consistency in a highly matrix organization.

This video was produced by 72 and Sunny. My role in the project was to support with image choices and subsequently pull through this video approach on other products (like the social YouTube ads).

For this project, I worked with Buck and gained valuable experience in procedural aspects of design. It was my first time collaborating with Capital One and while I initially had little information about how the card art would be used, my role was still important in providing observational input on lighting. This project taught me about the importance of integration with end-use deliverables to avoid downstream issues.

For instance, different chip lighting caused some issues with how the card looked amongst other cards, and there was a need for a straight-on version of the design with a light pass for emails. Additionally, size constraints prohibited the usage of the design in emails and displays due to different file systems. Through this experience, I learned that animated card art works best on white backgrounds and that fringing and pixelation can occur on images.

My role was to help apply video transitions and subtle motion direction to these screens in support with marketing partners . (Note the chip color here.)

My role was to help apply video transitions and provide direction for imagery and copy.